Second Passports

Second Passports

You want a second passport – how James Bond of you! It’s true, US citizens may obtain a second passport – and to be clear, this is not “dual citizenship”, this is an actual second US passport. And feel special, because the US is one of very few countries that offers this option. Why get a second passport?

  • Visas – for those who travel international a lot, obtaining visas can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. Some visas can take weeks to obtain essentially grounding you as the Embassy holds your passport during processing. Having a second passport provides you the freedom to travel.

  • Back-Up Plan – far too often people’s passports are stolen or lost while traveling. The process of obtaining a replacement or temporary passport requires visiting a US Embassy. In some cases this may be either extremely inconvenient or may require you to extend your stay abroad. Many US Embassy’s (and consulates) require an appointment to obtain a passport and this may mean you get to enjoy rainy London for several days. If you have a second passport sitting at home, a friend or family member may be able to FedEx it to you so you travel tomorrow.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have a Second Passport?

Well, they cost as much as a normal passport, which is probably the biggest deterrent. They are valid for 4 years (as opposed to 10 years) (again meaning you have to pay for a new one every few years). There is also the fact that the US State Dept doesn’t exactly love the idea of everyone having them. In addition to completing a special form to request one, applicants must also provide a letter describing why they need it. If your reason is not deemed worthy enough, they likely will not issue the second passport.

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How to Get a Second US Passport

Applying for a second passport is similar to applying for a passport renew plus the inclusion of two additional documents. Below is an overview of the process.

  1. Current Passport
    Applicant must submit their current, valid passport. Since this procedure is so similar to renewing a passport, it is recommended that you put a sticky note on the front cover of your passport with “SECOND PASSPORT REQUEST” written on it to avoid accidental cancelation. Your passport will be returned to you along with your second passport.

  2. Passport Photos
    Applicant must submit one (1) color, passport style photograph. Applicant may not wear eye glasses. Photo may be obtained at many post offices, Kinko’s, Mailboxes Etc or similar locations.

  3. Proof of Travel
    If applicant is traveling in the near future, it is recommended they submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking tool (such as an e-confirmation) showing departure from the U.S. If using a passport expediting service this will likely be required due to the regulations they have to follow with the State Dept. If your reasoning for requesting a second passport is due to several back to back trips where visas are needed or if traveling to countries with conflicting visa regulations (such as Israel and Saudi Arabia), then be sure to include as much documentation as you can to support the trips.

  4. Passport Application (DS-82)
    Applicant must submit one completed passport application form (Form DS-82) – this is the passport renewal form, but is also used for second passports. This can be done using the US State Departments online passport “wizard” or you may print and complete by hand (black or blue ink only). Note that passport expediting companies are required to use applications completed using the online wizard program and will generally not accept hand written applications.

  5. Letter of Request

    Second passport for business travel applicants, applicant must submit a letter from their company addressed to the U.S. State Department, on company letterhead, supporting the request with the clear indication of travel plans and that the second passport is required for the applicant to fulfill their job duties signed by a company official.

    Second passport for tourist travel applicants, applicant must submit a hand written letter addressed to the U.S. State Department explaining why he/she is requesting a second passport. The most common requests for second passports are due to frequent international travel and the need to obtain visas while out of the US or traveling to countries which do not approve of another countries visa or entry stamp.

  6. Government Fees


  Service Fee  
  Second Passport Book (6-8 week processing) $110.00  
  Adult Passport Card (in conjunction with second passport applicaiton) $30.00  
  Second Passport Expedite (2-3 week processing upgrade) $60.00  
  Overnight Return Shipping (with tracking) $15.45  
  *fee schedule as of July 2017. Fees subject to change  


Here are some common breakdowns:

Second Passport in 6-8 Weeks
$110.00 Second Passport Book
$ 15.45 Overnight Return Shipping (with tracking)
$125.45 TOTAL

Second Passport in 2-3 Weeks
$110.00 Second Passport Book
$ 60.00 Second Passport Expedite
$ 15.45 Overnight Return Shipping (with tracking)
$185.45 TOTAL

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